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In English, my name means “Strong-willed warrior” and it is a German origin name. The name William was made from the Germanic name Willahelm, which was composed of the elements wil "will, desire" and helm "helmet, protection". The name William is like the Pledge of Allegiance it keeps being said over and over again. A smoke alarm that keeps going off. My name does have a story along with my middle name Douglas. If I was born a girl my name would´ve been Carolyn Lisa King. I wouldn't have liked that name so I'm lucky I was born a guy. My dad was named after his grandfather (dad´s side) and his great grandfather (mom´s side) his name was Douglas Allen King. Allen from his grandfather's middle name and Douglas from his great grandfather.…show more content…
My great grandfather was the first person to receive an Agriculture degree from Rutgers. My dad told me stories about him working on his farm. My grandfather's middle name was Douglas and my great grandfather's name was William. So I got the name William Douglas King. I like my name because it sounds right when it rolls of my tongue. I also like having the last name King I think the idea of where my name came from is a very good one because the name will be different almost all of the time. A bad thing about being named after are relatives is that if a name is given and it doesn't sound right or if it is a long name. Like the name Carolyn Lisa King, it just doesn't sound right. The name sounds like a rock and roll band playing out of sync. My name is usually pronounced correctly, but my second grade teacher Mr.Medai would always pronounce my name wrong. He would say WEE-iam instead of saying Will-iam and I will tell him every time that he is saying my name wrong. My nicknames are Will, Willy, Bill, and Billy. I have some friends with the name William too. When I'm with other Williams and people talk to us, I am called Bill, and the other Williams are called Will. The name William is a song that is always on the radio all the

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