Personal Narrative: My Native American Ceremonies

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Native American Ceremonies’ When I was ten years old I learned of my Indian culture. I learned I was of the Cherokee tribe. My dad had always hung Indian decorations in our home, but I have never given much thought of why he has done so. This peaked my interest, so I started asking questions. He told me we were part Cherokee and part Choctaw native American. He told me, one day he would show me what it all meant. When I was thirteen, my parents took me to my first Indian gathering. This was a special time for me because I not only learned my history, but I learned about the Cherokee ceremonies’ and gained my tribal name. Although I had learned of my history and gained my name, this was also a time of food and fellowship. This is the day I…show more content…
You are probably wondering what happens at this type of event? At a pow-wow, natives dress up in their costumes. We dress up in all of our assets such as body jewelry, moccasins, and face paints. Then we do a traditional dance. Most of the time it is a competition. A lot of different tribes join in the fun. People that are non- Cherokee members are allowed to join in for a pow-wow tradition. You can find a pow-wow either in Oklahoma, North Carolina or Tennessee. They are really easy to find online. Most Cherokee pow-wows can be found in North Carolina close to the reservation. Moreover it has been a blessing being a part of the Cherokee tribe. I will forever hold a special place in my heart for Mrs. Amy Estep and Mr. Larry, for letting me understand my history better. Once you’re a part of something such as I was, it holds a special place in your heart. I am no longer active in this tribe because most of the members have passed away. They no longer gather close to my hometown anymore. I can only hope that one day in the future, my kids can have the one in a lifetime experience I got to have growing up. Out of all the fun and history I experienced out of learning my culture, it made me respect my history and ancestors more. It made me realize, you never know what may happen in life, take each moment for

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