Personal Narrative: My New Identity Characteristics

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Current identity characteristics include: white, female heterosexual and age group 17-30. My new identity characteristics include: first people/ native, bisexual and differently abled. When researching portrayals about this identity I decided to break it down into three separate characteristics.
There are stereotypes that go along with my first identity of native. A common one being that this identity is all alcoholics1. Other popular stereotypes include that they live off of the government, they are lazy, and they can’t make it out in the “real world”1. This is a stereotype that can be found easily just when googling the term. Then these stereotypes are proven again in this academic journal. Not only are these stereotypes written about in this journal, but the idea of savages, uncontrolled, and old fashioned are portrayed throughout the media in pictures, movies, and school mascots. Even googling pictures I saw traditional dress. Traditional dress would include clothing from animals, body paint and feathers incorporated throughout.
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Looking at the individual parts most of the characteristics are majority or a minority. I am white and my first identity was native. There are stereotypes that associate with both of them. However, in the United States white is the majority compared to native which is a minority. Then looking at sexual identities my identity currently is female heterosexual. My new identity was bisexual. I think that the biggest difference here is the amount of stereotypes. I could easily google how bisexual people are supposed to act or how we think they act. Googling, female heterosexual the stereotypes are not near as prevalent. The stereotypes really pin point and narrow in the ideals of one group. Lastly, those stereotypes of someone who is differently able was more difficult to find, this is leading to believe that they stereotypes are not as

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