Personal Narrative: My New Life In Oregon

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Soon, I will start my new life in Oregon. There, I said it. On Monday, my entire world, my family, will be leaving our home to find out what is really in the magical place called Oregon. Caroline, my wife, is skeptical of the 2000 mile journey. She doesn 't know if we should be risking it at all. She says that my practice is successful enough. It is a steady job, but I am tired of being cooped up in Philadelphia. Not me, though. Despite being a doctor, I am very adventurous. I was a troublesome and curious lad, and I don 't know how I became a doctor, as I couldn 't sit still for longer than 30 seconds. Sometimes, I see myself in my daughter, Cheyenne, who was born ten years ago, right after Caroline and I were married. Just
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