Personal Narrative: My Non-Christian Visit

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For my Non-Christian visit i decided to go with a church that was conveniently located 3 blocks from my house. I decided to finally pay a visit to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Despite this religion being fairly new compared to other ones it is one of the largest growing religions and currently has over 15 million members. Not only have I been surrounded buy this religion for most of my life, but have also made very close friends with people who are involved in this religion. The mormon religion was established in 1830 by Joseph Smith in a town in New York. This was about 7 years after Joseph Smith himself had claimed to have been visited by a Christian Angel who 's spoke to him about a holy text, which he would later dictate…show more content…
First is that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and the Son of the Heavenly father, which plays a key role in prayer. Second is that atonement allows mankind to be saved from their sins and that leads to being able to live eternally with their families and God. Third, and last, is that the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints is the true church. All of these beliefs where evident at the time of my visit. The main service is called “Sacrament Meeting” and begins at 11 in the morning. I walked in as the Bishop was giving his brief beginning speech and opening prayer, and it wasn 't long before the first music piece began. There was a total of three hymns performed the opening, middle, and closing hymn. They were ‘Let Us Press On’, ‘The Spirit of God’, and ‘Praise to the Man’. These songs were all accompanied by the piano, the rest was just the people in the church singing with their voices, which seemed very traditional to me, all three hymns sounded about the same but with a different tune. Additionally all carried the same message, God is powerful. What surprised me the most was how quite the service and even the hymn singing itself
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