Personal Narrative: My Obligation At Kappa Delta

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What obligations would you have during the new member period (such as school, internships, job, and trips)? An obligation that I have is that I am going to be an RA for the ’16-’17. I have a commitment calendar that is also a year long commitment. I will attach the commitment calendar. It says that we work 20 hours a week. I also work at German Arena, but their schedule is very flexible. Why do you want to be a SET leader? Being a SET leader is an amazing opportunity to welcome the new PC into Kappa Delta. It is a way to become more involved within Kappa Delta and meet with people. I want to be able to introduce the new PC to the wonderful girls of Kappa Delta. My SET leader introduced me to so many new faces within the sorority and took…show more content…
I will help them as much as I can and give them some hints and learning techniques that helped me pass the new member exam. How do your friends describe you? How would you describe yourself? My friends describe me as a laid back person. I can be goofy at times and I try to make people laugh as much as I can. I would describe myself as determined and focused on school. I try to get involved with as much activities as I can. I am funny at times, but can be serious when I need to be. How will you hold yourself to a higher standard as a SET leader? As a SET leader I will hold myself to a high standard by showing the new PC’16 was it means to be in a sisterhood. Even since I was in the new member period I wanted to be a SET leader. It is pushing me beyond my comfort zone and putting myself out there to meet people within Kappa Delta. What was your favorite thing about your New Member period? What would you change about your New Member period? My things about my new member period was learning all the ins and outs of Kappa Delta. One thing I would change would be that I did not go out of my way to meet more

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