Personal Narrative: My Old Soccer Coach

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In today's hyper-analytical and judgemental culture, everyone has at least one person in their life that hates them. The nemesis can be anyone, a peer, relative, or even a teacher. Whoever they are, it is impossible not to feel like they are always on you and will try do anything to get at you. When thinking about these characteristics, I have come to the conclusion that my despiser happens to be my old soccer coach Brad. I have played soccer for a substantial amount of time, and over the years I've had a variety of coaches, but out of all them Brad was the most despicable coach that I have had to date. It was 5th grade and I had been my first year on a travel soccer team. That year was a big year for me, it was my first year away from an elementary school and I created many relationships that will last for a long time . However that year was also torture for me, Brad had favorites on all his teams he coached and I was definitely not one of them.…show more content…
In recreational soccer it’s not unacceptable to lose a game, coaches lives don't depend on it. However in travel many coaches have their reputations and their end of the year bonuses to uphold and are dedicated to make sure they aren't ruined. Brad was your average Englishman, loud, rowdy, and tough. He had a badly trimmed beard and had a big potbelly. He always seemed to wear a sports jacket and training sweat pants, I guess it made him look more like a soccer coach. However his appearance wasn't the problem, it was his attitude and behavior towards his teams and
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