Personal Narrative: My Own Failure

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In a person 's life, there shall come a time in which failure has occurred or is occurring right this second. In this personal statement, in which I am writing, I am going to describe to you my own failure, and things related to it, such as what this particular failure was, when it happened, why it happened, the outcome of this event, and how I shall avoid such things in the future to come.
February twenty fourth, two thousand ten, I was in seventh grade, I attended another school, I was thirteen years old, I had this English teacher, whose name I shall keep anonymous, time went by all year so fast and and during that year, I struggled in English. Not the language itself, but the curriculum that this teacher taught students with. So I was doing bad in this class, not so bad as to receive an f but bad enough for this teacher to become concerned. So eventually, they started taking me outside during class time to catch up the work that I almost couldn 't do by myself and basically separated me from the rest of the class. Eventually as more time passed, I found myself behind in that class, not just a day or two behind, but days, weeks behind, it 's not as though I wasn 't doing my homework, that was not the case, it was because when I did think I did it, this teacher would take it,
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Some things I have done to overcome this event, was that I took this person 's advice, and stayed away that day, I stayed home. This day spent at home was in no way at all unproductive, I managed to do everything I had to do for that class. I did not get any sleep at all that day mind you, but I did it, I put every ounce of energy I had to do all that I needed to do, and it must have been enough, because the next day I went to their class, this individual was very impressed and baffled. they asked if I had done it all on my own, and I did, I truly did, in fact do it on my own, I had no help at this point, I completed 50 assignments in one night, without rest with the exception of
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