Personal Narrative: My Parent's War

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The war I fight against my parent’s extreme drug abuse has been a long-lost battle, though my opponent is no army, and my life is no war our struggles are equal. The Spanish Netherlands continuously lost battles and then eventually the war against the English in 1580, they fought again and again. During the struggles, I have come across many undefeatable obstacles. My parent’s negligence and denial of all allegations has made my attempt for their savior much more complex. I would bring an entire Spanish army against their queen, but this war was not winnable. Whether it be assassination or pure strategy, by no means could I win this battle. In the speech, they describe how Queen Elizbeth lead several attacks on Spanish shipments from the inside with the help of the Dutch Rebels. It was two against one, how my parents would take up for one another and punish us children for something we couldn’t understand. We would leave them notes instead of confronting them face to face; it was very hard for us to face the facts. We gave up one them coming to a realization of what they were doing to their family. My eldest sister left home at eighteen for a better future and leaving me to fight this war alone. At fifteen with no recognition of any real drug understanding and how to…show more content…
By doing this she armed her troops with courage, honor, and integrity, saying to here troops they shall be the victors and no military could ever pass her realms with her troops at her side. This is a prime example of how heroin made my parents feel like they needed no one and nothing more than the drug which made my attempt impossible to pass the barriers they put on the world. They hid themselves behind their army, it was all they needed. In a way, I believe that army of drugs needed them as
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