Personal Narrative: My Participation In Cross Country

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My participation in Cross Country over the past 4 years has influenced me greatly. Particularly in my senior year, it taught me how to work hard, bond with my teammates, and really appreciate the sport. It has influenced my career goals through possibly looking towards a health career, and has bonded me with my family by their support through the season. My senior year of Cross Country was the first year I was able to make the varsity team. Throughout the season I had to work really hard, to maintain my position on the team, and not fall back to junior varsity. I would show up to practice everyday and put in the maximum amount of effort I could. Additionally, outside of team practices I would weightlift in order to gain some strength. Unfortunately,…show more content…
Now that I was on varsity, I was able to run and meet with all of them. I made a number of new friends on the varsity team, and they were able to run with me and push me. Additionally, now that I was a senior I felt more open to talk with the younger kids on the team and help them become acclimated to the team. I was part of the leadership council on the team, and was able to help team bonding during warm ups, and cool downs. My senior year in Cross Country significantly influenced my career goals. Although, I don’t know what I want to do for sure, I am looking into health careers because of my love for running. Whatever I decide to do, I want to have the same amount of passion for it as I do for running, I want to work hard and have fun doing it. No matter what career I choose, or where I go to college, I hope to keep running close to me and continue to run throughout my life. Lastly, Cross Country influenced my family life. My family would come and cheer me on every race. They would talk to me afterwards, and support me throughout the entire season. Not only did it improve my relations with my immediate family, but also occasionally Grandparents, Cousins and Aunts and Uncles would come cheer me on. This sparked conversation, and I appreciated their support. With everyone supporting myself throughout the season, it improved my relations with each and every one of
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