Personal Narrative: My Passion For Speed

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My passion for speed is like noting in this world the real felling of freedom in my sole As I strap down and time slows down all I could think of is how fast could I go, to me it started at an early age when my dad broth home a small motorcycle I could barely fit on it of how small it was, at that time it was the fastest ting I have ever been on, the filling I got as I rode around the block I felt invisible like no one could touch me as if I owned the world and earth’s rotation could not keep up with me. Every year my dad will surprise me with a bigger and faster toy he knew my excitement and joy I felt every time I went fast, my happens always broth a smile to his face, not always was it an enjoyment. I would get into a lot of trouble sometimes not everyone feels what I feel when I go fast. After my first accident involving speed and carelessness I learned to respect it if not I could end up all broken and bruised up all over gene or worst next time around. In my quest to go faster I stared experimenting whit different things like with different fuels and additives, on a small engine it did ok butt for me it was not enough as I got older I bought my self my first car a 1985 toyota celica GTS all I could see in it was a race car with four…show more content…
For me speed will be a part of me it mi sole and no one could change that or take it from me as long as tings get faster and faster you will see me there, speed is not just going fast but more of a way of life for me so as long as the blood with in my veins want me to go faster I will and to the people that love it to keep claiming the ladder of speed, the faster you go the better it gets for your sole and

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