Personal Narrative: My Passion In The Soccer Field

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Soccer is my favorite sport because when I am on the field I am on the field I am in control! The field for me is like my second home, not physically but mentally. Once I am done with school and done with my house chores, I make my way to the field. The soccer field for me is where I let off steam, I can let go of all my problems (even if it’s just for a little while), and I can relax, and just go with wind. I love being in control of the soccer ball. When it’s just me out on that field, I like to imagine that everything and everyone has disappeared. Don’t get me wrong I love playing with a team but I prefer to play alone, while I am playing alone I like to listen to Kap G just because the way he raps gets me going when I’m out on the soccer field. I have loved soccer since I was a little girl, I…show more content…
Many people think it is a hobby for me but it’s actually not it is a passion that I enjoying investing my life in. To begin with, soccer for me isn’t just a sport or a hobby, it’s a career! I have a passion for soccer and I plan to make a career out of it because I have invested ten of my years to soccer. Everyone around me from friends to family members think that I will not achieve that goal due to the fact that they say I don’t always finish what I start. My mother has been getting on to me because I spend most of the day in soccer field but truth be told she should appreciate that I’m not getting in any kinds of trouble with the law or messing with the wrong crowd. I, at the age of seventeen wouldn’t have that thought that I would be spending so much time outdoors while being
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