Personal Narrative: My Passion Of Playing Basketball

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What is passion? Passion is a feeling I get when I really want to do something and I go out and do it. Being passionate is good for the mind and body. Playing basketball has been a passion of mine since seventh grade. It gives me such a rush to go out on that court and do the best of my ability. I also love the teamwork that goes into each play and defense. Playing basketball means committing yourself for multiple years, going out on the court and doing your best, and working as a team.
Playing basketball is something that I have enjoyed to do for six years now. Every year I look back and think about if my life would be easier or not. My life would definitely be less stressful but it wouldn’t be any fun to just sit around after school. I played for that many years and it just feels natural to keep being on that court and playing to the best of their ability.
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Basketball is just at the top of my list of priorities. It may take the number one spot above my grades and being a better person, but those are still things I do to better myself. Although it’s number one my grades never fall because of games or practices. I do my best on the court, in the classroom, and in my everyday life. Doing my best means doing what I can do by myself as well as working well with my teammates.
Teamwork is something every coach wants to see on the court or on the field. Working as a team gives me such an adrenaline rush. Going out and getting the ball down the court and making a basket or playing defense so well the other team doesn’t know what to do is how I know that we are using teamwork. Teamwork is one of the biggest advocates to being a great team and for it to work, I definitely have to work hard. I never liked working in groups or even with a partner, when I’m on that court teamwork is all I can think
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