Personal Narrative: My Personal Code Of Ethics

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Within our families we grow up with a certain code of ethics that is passed on through generations. Within my families we were expected to be respectful, honest, trustworthy and hardworking. Our family came first- friends second these values were never question they were just a given. My family was lenient on many things, but these values had no wiggle room. Growing up into my own person I took these values with me, but I adapted more values into my personal and profession code of ethics along the way. I believe that how you live your day to day life does have merit to how you work within a personal setting. My few personal codes of ethics I have adapted throughout my life are; I will not discriminate, I will remain loyal and always forgive.…show more content…
In the last few years I have overcome that challenge. I remain loyal to my friends and family by always telling the truth, helping in whatever way I can whether it is time, money or a trusting ear. If my family member or a friend tells me a secret I will take it to the grave unless it is something that is legal or harmful to themselves or someone else. I will remain faithful to my parent by not having an affair of any kind- emotional or physical. When it comes to showing loyalty to me, I have made it important that I take care of myself. I have made it a priority to implement self-care into my life, whether it be having a bubble bath, going for a walk or just sitting alone for five minutes. I have also remained loyal to myself by taking the negatives out of my life, whether that be thoughts, or people.
Forgiveness- Throughout my life there have been hardships that have come and gone, I have noticed that holding on the anger and frustrations of these events have given me more stress than the actual events. I will show forgiveness by allowing that person or people back into my life, with some circumstances. I will not be a trusting as I once will but I will not allow the miss judgement of one individual affect my life in a negative

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