Personal Narrative: My Personal Development Contract

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Personal Development Contract (SLC)
My Strategic Learning Contract (SLC) has been evolving from when I first created it prior to attending Intensive II. During our time in Dana Point, we had the opportunity to review our SLC with our learning group, which provided me with a lot of candid feedback. Since that time, I have been using my LG team member feedback, and incorporating those components into my SLC. I have also been striving to evolve my SLC to a state in which I feel it is close to being locked in, understanding this needs to be completed by our second practicum.
My three Personal Development goals of improving overall health and well-being, reflecting on emotions in the moment, and taking risks that move me out of my comfort
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A few areas that have worked for me in the past, start with getting used to my new schedule while in flight. By changing my watch to the time I will be traveling to, and sleeping on the plane, has helped maintain my health and energy. Additionally staying hydrated and getting up and moving around while in flight, can be small efforts that create a big return.
The balance between time away to be fully immersed in the practicum, and staying connected with loved ones, is an important one for me. To manage through time zone differences, I have found that both email and text messaging is an easier way to stay in touch with family back home, from an electronic perspective. During downtime modes like Skype and FaceTime, will work great once connected to Wi-Fi in the hotel to have more of a personal connection with family. These methods will also mitigate the need for traditional costly telephone
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Simplify taking more time to listen will intensify my level of overall awareness, and support more efficient ability to adapt and integrate into the local culture. On Antal and Friedman’s Stage of Adaption, I see myself somewhere between Acceptance and Adaptation. Through past international travel, I have learned to accept and welcome cultural differences. This aligns with my high CQ Drive, Strategy, and Action scores.
Regarding cultural intelligence, there is one area from my CQ report that I want to focus on while in Lyon around CQ Knowledge and understanding the French culture. My goal has been to specifically increase my understanding of business culture in France. I have been reviewing articles on French business and using the Duolingo App to learn French phrases prior to our

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