Personal Narrative: My Personal Experience Of Driving Away From Iraq In 2003

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I have problem sleeping at night and unable to concentrate well at work. This problem occurred a few months after returning from Iraq in 2003. Going to some places with lots of people make me feel uncomfortable. I remember leaving my cart full of grocery at a grocery store after hearing a loud voice. A lady at the store was looking for her daughter and started screaming loud while searching for her daughter. My first reaction was to get out of the store and drive home. That was five years ago. Another incident that is still fresh in my memory happened a few days after coming back from Iraq. I was invited to a birthday party by a friend. After having a few drinks, I started arguing with my friend guest. I remember screaming on top of my lungs and wanting to fight anyone who stood in front of me. After the long drama, one of my friend offer to give me a ride and drop me off at my apartment. I woke up the next day crying and wanting to go back in Iraq. I felt like they needed me and I missed my friends, they are my family. Since I was single, my unit became my family when I joined the army. Driving to my friend’s house became a challenge during those years. There are times that I have to make a U turn and go back home because of anxiety attack. I felt unsafe while driving to a place that there are few…show more content…
However, there are times that I still feel nervous when I go to a place I have never been. Going to a crowded place is still a challenge for me. When I have to go grocery shopping I usually bring my wife with me. I feel unsafe and weird going to a grocery store by myself. I have my routine of checking the main and backdoor of my house multiple times before going to bed. I am afraid of getting close to the door of my house and closing the blinds. It feels like someone is watching and about to harm me. It’s hard to explain those feelings. The Veteran Affairs is doing a great job in monitoring me and my

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