Personal Narrative: My Personal Experience With ADHD

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I have been faced with many challenges with ADHD. It affects every aspect of my life including my behavior, my mood and most of all my cognitive and organizational skills. My late diagnosis made it difficult to accept and understand what was happening. First I was diagnosed with defiant child syndrome because I was not respecting my teachers at school, fighting and just being disrespectful. I had to be told things over again, my room stayed junky and back talked my mom. In school I was distracted, forgot to turn homework in, lying about doing my work, unable to put my thoughts from my head to paper, suspensions, and losing things. I would say or blurt out things that were inappropriate, I just didn’t care. By eighth grade things got worse, grades were low and I wasn’t…show more content…
These few adjustments helped me gain confidence and improve my self esteem. Becoming RESILIENT was difficult because of denial. My mom’s strength made me stronger, failing was not an option. I became strong enough to address my feelings and get help. I am held ACCOUNTABLE and responsible enough to focus, get to class timely, take medication daily, and write important deadlines and assignments down. I am responsible for my own success and ADHD will not stop me from accomplishing my life goals even if it means having sticky notes all over my room, the car, and on my notebooks. The responsibility that comes with ADHD as a young adult can be overwhelming but gratifying. It allows me to be a VISIONARY creative in my approach to control my repetitive actions, stay focused, not forget, and stay motivated. I must remain committed to continuing what works best for me no matter what anyone else thinks and hopefully inspire others who feel ADHD limits their abilities. My ETHICAL behavior was challenged before my diagnosis, not distinguishing right and wrong behavior. I make improvements daily and realized ADHD forced me to find new ways of doing old things pushing myself harder than I
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