Personal Narrative: My Personal Experience With Healthcare

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There were many challenges in my personal experience with I was trying to help enroll a family member into one of the insurance program prior to deadline cutoff. The main challenge to our experience and many other documented users was the inefficiency of the website program. Starting with the inability to properly handle the anticipated volume of potential website user. There are many website programs in which could of consulted to properly eliminate these issues. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), did not properly follow management pratices recommended by Software Engineering Institiute and Government Accountability Office (Bleiberg & West, 2015).

This experience was so challenging because it required multiple one-hour conversations with customer service lines. After over ten phone calls to their I was informed by the customer service representative about the ongoing issues they being having to properly fix website
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The CIO was chosen by the Human Health Services to offer their expertise leadership in implementing this website. But CIO was offered limited authority to fully prevent operational failures. According to Joshi, Ransom, Nash, & Ransom, 2014, upper leadership needs to have the authority to properly implement changes.


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