Personal Narrative: My Personal Experiences Of Anorexia And Bulimia

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Ever since I was a little girl, the words “fat” “pig” “big” consumed my life. Two cousins constantly put me down. Going through anorexia and bulimia was a tough obstacle I went through. The experiences my two cousins put me through and what I went through may not have been pretty but they made who I am today and I could not have been any prouder of myself. Ever since I was a little girl my two cousins Joana and Julia would constantly bully me. I was never a big girl, my pant sizes were always 0 to 2 but Joana and Julia made it seem as if I was the fattest girl alive. “Seriously, that is too big for a seventh grader,” Joana would say in disbelieve as if she was holding an obese person’s pants. “Yeah Jasbeth! You need to start loosing some weight before you stop fitting through doors,” said Julia laughing in a bullying way. Two girls attacking at the same time didn’t make it any easier for me. There was no way I could defend myself. As days passed by I found myself the nutrient labels from foods. Greasy foods and desserts were my enemy. Water and diet beverages became my best friends. I traded movie theaters and malls for gyms. I would constantly weigh myself and stick my fingers down my throat. I dragged myself deeper and deeper in a horrible world I created or should I say my cousins created. I slowly pushed…show more content…
Being now a seventeen year old and looking back at this painful experience, I am grateful for the person I’ve become. I’m no longer concern about what I eat or how much I eat. I’ve learned how to eat the right way and not care about my weight. I am happier than ever. What I went through was difficult and unpleasant but I am happy for the outcome because it helped me be a better and improved version of myself. This experience also helped me decided what I want to do in the future which is help out boys and girls who are going through what I went
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