Personal Narrative: My Personal Experiences

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I believe that Christopher sees himself as normal but at the same times he knows he isn’t like everyone else. He deals with the fact that he is different from others by keeping to himself and not talking to strangers. He also doesn’t really get how they are and he knows they act different from him. “I do not like strangers because I do not like people I have never met before. They are hard to understand (pg.31)”. He expressed that he didn’t really like strangers because he did not understand them he basically felt they were odd to him.He’s an introvert and I feel like he would rather keep to himself and write rather than speak to other people. I don’t think that it bothers him that he is different from everyone else. He doesn’t talk to strangers until he feels somewhat comfortable around them and if he knows for sure they’re safe to be around.…show more content…
There wasn’t any Africans around me in school growing up. I was treated differently when people found out I was African, they looked at me completely different and treated me as if I wasn’t capable of keeping up with their standards of being an American . At first it was hard for me knowing that I am different from everyone. Now that I am older I don’t really let that bother me because I’ve learned to embrace who I am. I can relate to Christopher because I too do not like meeting strangers and I too would rather write than speak to other people. I also relate to Christopher because He’s an introvert and so am

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