Personal Narrative: My Personal Hero

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My Personal Hero

We all grow up different, that is a fact, some don’t need any help to get by, but some need to be held while walking with life. Growing up it was very hard to get Andrew and I as the correct person, indeed we were twins and that spread a lot of confusion across many people. As a twin there is a twin that always seems more dominant than the other, and I was more dominant than Andrew. Naturally I was less shy and more outgoing, but I had no idea that just because I wanted a high notoriety, it would leed me into a terrible schooling life. There were days I didn’t want to go to school just so I could avoid my bullies. In preschool I was pushed to the ground and stomped on by 3 kids almost every day, and when elementary school
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One of her lessons was how everyone is broken in their own way. she also said that she was broken in her own way to. From what I remember she said she wasn’t happy with her life and she wasn’t a happy person in general, before she found God that is. She was also a camp counselor before she found her true happiness. So what I got out of that, that she was making kids happy but she wasn’t. To me that was crazy if I were to be sad as a camp counselor I would be much more mopey and gloomy, but nevertheless she always wanted to help someone in need. She had a very long journey ahead of her.
We all grow up different, but we all have path, some have mountains, some have hills, and if you were having a steep mountain, I’ll tell you this the prize at the summit is great. May it be fortune, love, your dreams, or just a better life. Caroline helped me on my climb, she gave me her rope, her equipment just to see me reach the top. Caroline changed my life.
I can’t repay Caroline enough, for being there when I was down, for helping with things I handle on my own, for freeing me of my past life. I feel like a new person after I met Caroline. She helped me conquer my own life when it was lost and out of control. We need more people in the world like her, someone who sees a person in need and helps them in their walk is a great person, but a person who doesn 't help others walk is walking on a very broken
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