Personal Narrative: My Personal Identity

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Many individuals find their identity of what made them who they are as a person from their culture or socialization. Although I didn 't realize it, my family set a positive foundation for developing my identity during my childhood. Despite that, there were several other factors that have immensely contributed to the characteristics I possess as an individual; and there were many aspects that could have altered my mindset, thinking, and actions. All the directions and paths I took throughout my lifetime have made me the person I am. But in contribution to that, it was influential people, mostly being my father, that made impacts on myself; in which, created my identity. To begin, my father has been a major contributing factor towards the person I am today. The first way he influenced my identity was my characteristics as a person. These influences were easily given by me looking up to him as my hero. Moreover, him being my idol made me want to be like him; therefore, his own characteristics and…show more content…
He was a humble, and intelligent individual; and very strict on how I behave in certain environments, and towards certain people. His teaching taught me the difference on how to behave and act towards people such as elders, family members, strangers, females, or friends. Additional teachings include, how to act and present myself depending on which setting I 'm in; whether it be a classroom, football field, or home. Overall, the way he raised me taught me how to be a respectful and humble individual. The right and wrongs in life, which ultimately teach me how to be a young man. His life teachings, and the way he raised me is one of the most important influences he had on me because it altered the way I think and choose from wrongful and rightful doings, and how to present myself as a young man; all while being able to maintain the humorous and joyous characteristics in my
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