Personal Narrative: My Personal Learning Patterns

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My learning pattern is sequence with a score of 30, precision score of 28, technical reasoning score of 22, and confluence score of 17.
I discovered from taking the learning pattern inventory that I am a dynamic learner. The definition of a dynamic learner uses the LCI scale scores of an individual who uses one or two Patterns at the Use First level and any other combination of Avoid or Use as Needed for the remaining Patterns.

My personal learning pattern:
Sequence- By working as a collection agent, I starts my morning off by listening to all my messages and reviewing all my promise to pay customers to see if they were going to keep their promise to pay. Then the next step is to review the insurance on their vehicle to make sure that
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Once I learned what is required of me, I enjoy doing it without someone standing over me this makes me nervous. I enjoy multitasking in order to get things done in a timely matter.

Confluence One of the risk I have taken was leaving publixs a company I was with for 17 years that was very scary leaving . Now my new job is collection which is a challenge now I 'm on the phone with customers instead of seeing them face to face when I was with publix And now I 'm going back to school to get my degree in early childhood education, wow.

With the help of the learning pattern, I will be using the sequence to make sure that I complete my school assignments by doing the quiz first and follow through with the discussions and the assignments to ensure that all weekly assignments are completed on time. As a collection agent I will be making sure not to make any mistakes by being a precision user I want to correct all my wrong doings so that I can be a good agent at work. By starting a new career and attending an on line school it will require me to spend more time with my son and allow him to participate in extra curricular

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