Personal Narrative: My Personal Perception Of Pain

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Upon personal perception of myself, I come to classify me, personally, as some one with a moderate threshold for pain, if I feel intense heat upon any of my extremities, I of course do what any common-minded person would do, I extract from the sensation because it is intensely uncomfortable. Under some circumstances I may not react to some sensations due to either; blind (and of course numbing) ignorance, mental blocking in order to access endorphins and persevere through the pain to also access endorphins. I identify mentally blocking an irritated sensation and persevering through an aggravating sensation as two different methodologies, though both try to achieve the same goal, accessing the endorphins to be released, they are very distinctive.…show more content…
The worse days I think it would feel better if I walked around with a freshly hacked stump that was bludgeoned due to rigors of the mundane day. Though sometimes it may require the "wishful" thinking to get through the day, I have grown accustom to the pain and will not accommodate for it under any circumstance. Through the constant "expanding" of my pain tolerance I some how became a reducer, but, upon further examination, the scale processed me by personal preference which I actually prefer and not patented to achieve a lower score. In other perception of pain I found myself to be a reducer in those aspects as well. Psychologically, I "reduce" pain by placing memories that devastated me mentally in the limbo of my mind. I awaken to a thought which drastically changed the dynamics of how I saw people and how they conducted themselves between each other. My aunt was diagnosed with schizophrenia and depression many years ago and it has begun war between herself within the boundaries of her mind, and, between the physical world and mental world are in constant chaos and this can lead to "moments of weakness," all of us as human beings, falter, but, in my aunt 's case a single error can cause the biggest of setbacks.

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