Personal Narrative-My Personal Skip Bayless

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Sunday night, as I watched the Giants fail miserably to cover the spread, I attempted to watch my wager fail in silent miserable fashion. That desire was interrupted around midway through the second quarter. As much as I just wanted to watch the game in peace I couldn't just ignore the GroupMe blowing up. "What are these idiots going on about?" I wondered to myself. Intending to just read a couple messages then go back to my miserable focus on the game, instead I subjected myself to something no man enjoys dealing with. Every group of sports fans has their own personal Skip Bayless; the guy throwing out hot take after hot take that get worse and worse. Our GroupMe's Skip is named Mike, and when I checked my phone I saw fucking Mike spitting fire about Aaron Rogers being overrated. I…show more content…
And maybe he's just shitting out these flaming garbage takes on a daily basis to get us riled up, but regardless of the motivation, they're out there and they're awful. What's redeeming about this is that every group needs that guy who's going to shake up the takes a little bit. Close your eyes and think about who the Skip Bayless of your group is and undoubtedly one specific dude will come to mind. For me, it's a 6'5" guy with a low handicap and an unhealthy appetite for gin. To tell you the truth, our group needs him just like your group needs your Skip. These guys aren't earning undeserved millions for vocally vomiting opinions that should be taken out behind the shed and shot like Skip Bayless does. They're just inspiring healthy banter in an otherwise bland group. How much "Brady is great" or "LeBron is great" can you all agree on before things get stale? No, you need a guy to come out swinging with an all caps "THE CAVS DON'T COME BACK FROM 3-1 WITHOUT DELLAVEDOVA!" Maybe they don't have "statistics" or "logic" backing up their points, but dammit they've got passion, and these days doesn't that count for
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