Personal Narrative: My Personal Statement

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Amber White
Argosy University

A personal statement is a technique in which you somewhat examine yourself in determination to comprehend and gifts and weaknesses. Your dislikes, likes, habits, attitudes, or behaviors can be initiate throughout this development. You can use the discoveries to your benefit by accepting or changing strengths and weaknesses. I plan on using this time to improve my own skills to develop a better student and find accomplishment in receiving my Masters at Argosy University.
I can recall in high school, it looked like I was one of the last to finish with a test. Most of the time, I was slower at finishing a paper or an assignment. I never would be the one to raise my hand during open discussions
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As a single mom of three, who began her college career without definite purpose, other than wanting to prove myself to my siblings and have a better life for my children. I never thought I would be submitting a personal statement to receive a Master’s Degree. Understanding human behavior is an inevitable part of life for nearly everyone, and for me the desire to discover this further has been an unavoidable part of mine. The ways in which people behave and the reasons behind this behavior has fascinated me from an early age, and as I have grown older this fascination has also grown. Through studying psychology, I’m excited to have the opportunity develop this curiosity and expand my understanding into the study of human behavior in an academic setting. This will allow me to discover psychological theories and models. I hope to discover the capability to identify and apply these to actual circumstances. During 2016, I went through a 12 Step Recovery Program. Not because I had an addiction, I went through to find out who I was. That year was one of the hardest but one of the best years I have had. I found out more about myself than I ever knew
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