Personal Narrative: My Physical Sustainability

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Ideally I want to improve my physical sustainability so that I am more active and eat healthier foods. I want to continue going to the gym every other day, but I want to start running as well. I think that if I implemented cardio with my strength training I would have a more balanced and healthier body. Along with improvements to my physical training I want to start try to implement a better diet into my life style. I think that if I eat healthier I will feel much better and not as bloated and sleepy after I eat. I think that the most important physical change I want to make is to start eating healthier. After the food unit in class I really wanted to change what I eat. Ideally I want to start to eat more vegetables and start slowly lowering the amount of animal products I eat. I already do not eat red meat the problem is I really enjoy chicken as well as dairy. I am going to start with meat less Mondays then after a while go very other day without meat and see how it goes. I know that if I eat better it will help me physical, emotionally, and…show more content…
Ideally I want to become completely comfortable and confident in myself and not care what anyone else thinks. I really want to become a better public speaker and stop tripping on my words when I talk. So far since I have been at James Madison University I have definitely made progress on becoming less self-conscious. Overall I think that by being not as self-conscious I am in a better mood and have less negative stress. I think that if I become more confident in myself I will be able to work on my individual sustainability from all directions; physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually and philosophically. By spending less time stressed out I can work on improving my physique, getting involved in clubs, being more positive, enjoying my classes and thinking deeply about my true values as I work towards coming up with my ideal
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