Personal Narrative: My Pneumonia

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My Mother is an RN and loved helping the sick.Back in 1995 she thought she had a cold and the Dr gave her some antibiotics with no chest x-ray, she went back to 2 doctors visits for antibiotics she did not feel better after two 2 rounds of antibiotics she went to the ER to find out she double pneumonia.Pneumonia went into her heart and her ejection fraction was 20%. The ejection fraction measures the contractility of your heart.She was placed on disability and, I was born in 1998. When her cardiologist found out she was pregnant with me they told her that they needed to abort me.We have prayer warriors in my family and God said no abortion.So the doctor continued to say that this delivery would be one for the books if you and the baby don’t die.The baby was, of course, me.My family had to stand out in faith and believe that everything will be ok, and, of course, everything went well because I 'm here applying for college. My mom still has an enlarged heart her Ejection fraction was still 20%. She went 16 years like this and she’s still her the death rate on this illness is high.She went back to work for 7 years and the thing went down hill quickly in 2015. My mom in March of 2015 started having irregular heart rhythm and didn’t know it.…show more content…
They Put a pacemaker/defibrillator in one week.My mom was in the ICU March 11, 2015, until March 20, 2015, went back March 26-30 of 2015 for heart issues.On April 20 this was a day to remember she went in to have an LVAD placed on her heart.This surgery is fairly new in South Carolina so it was very scary and school was still going
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