Personal Narrative: My Pre-Op Anesthesiologist

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Oddly enough, that same person walked through my door about thirty minutes later, or at least I thought it was him. I yelled at him. Full on screamed at him for giving me a medicine that nearly killed me. He looked flustered, but then recovered moments later. “What are you talking about?” he asked me calmly, “I’m the anesthesiologist that saved you.” “Well you sure look like the one that gave me the antibiotic that almost killed me.” “No, no, no. That was Dr. Brunfield, your pre-op anesthesiologist. I’m Thad, the student anesthesiologist. I can understand why you got us confused. After all, there were around five of us in the room with you making sure that nothing went wrong. I barely had time to get a larger breathing tube in your airways
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