Personal Narrative: My Presbyterian Family

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A great author once said “It can be overwhelming to see the variety among moral perspectives and the different directions they might lead us when it comes to practical moral issues” (370 Cowan). Through my interview with my Aunt I can say I say that I too felt very overwhelmed by the array of answers she gave me as I discussed God and philosophy with her. Going into the phone call I knew that her answers would make for a good paper simply because she is a non-practicing wicca (non-practicing being that she does not belong in a coven currently). My Aunt married into my family when I was 18 and she has brought a very interesting and very diverse beliefs to my presbyterian family. Through this dialogue I was able to see where she was weak in her faith and where she held strong. I started out with the fairly easy ice-breaker questions. ‘Do you believe in God?’ and ‘Do you believe in the christian God?’. She replied with a semi answer saying that she didn’t necessarily believe in a ‘god’ but almost praising the universe comparing it to mother nature. That when she sings and dances it is praises to the God of the universe. She said that she did not believe in the Christian God, that she had some interest in it a…show more content…
She explained that she didn’t think that there was simply one meaning of life but that it was different for every single person. For her it means that she wants to get the most out of life, experience the maximum amount of cultures and live life the the fullest. If someone had the desire to be the person to cleans up horse poop at parades then that can be their meaning of life. It’s personally up to them not anyone and no one has the right to tell anyone else what to do. This reminds me of the conversation of the empty self is narcissistic. Moreland describes it as “Narcissists see life solely as a means to enhance their own careers” (104
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