Personal Narrative: My Progress In Writing

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Over the years, my progress in writing had decreased. When I was in school, I could write a decent essay and achieve less errors. But writing an essay now is a harder task to complete than before. Years ago, reading was interesting because it kept me hungry to learn more knowledge. But being out of school for nearly two years makes it difficult to write essays. When I was in elementary school I learned a variety of words every week. I needed to learn all sorts of words so i could be an intelligent reader. For example, in first grade we read electronic Leap Frog books. The Leap Frog books read us the story and taught us the words at the same time. It made learning to read easier and fun at the same time. In fourth grade, we would always visit the library to check out books. The books I checked out were mostly nonfiction books relating to cars because I liked cars. Learning about cars helped me become a better reader during my childhood years. I also read books about famous athletes, actors, and race car drivers. My parents told me to check out books that did not relate to the kinds of books I liked, but I refused. If a book did not interest me, I wouldn’t read it at all. I would always see parents in the movies, or on a cartoon, read to their child before they would go to bed. I thought that was awesome, but it also sucked because my folks never read to me…show more content…
Reading relaxes my mind it and it takes eases my stress. I could read about cars for a couple minutes and then get a feeling of enjoyment from it. Reading is my passion and if I did not know how to read very well, I would not know where I’ll be . Learning about different nouns, adverbs, pronouns, and conjunctions, taught me what to use in certain essays. If my literature teachers were not in my life, I would not know how to write
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