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For quarter three, my independent reading goal was achievable but I put off most of my reading until the last few weeks of the quarter. This quarter I wanted to read ________. I was able to reach the page count amount but I did not read a full book about the profession that I want to go into. I believe that I could have read one book on my future profession if I had not put the reading off as much. At the start of the third quarter, I read a book called Even In Paradise by Chelsey Philpot. This book’s content was easily comprehendible and I did not have to focus very much. Even though it was an easy read, this book was not one that I really liked. This was a good thing for me because it made me push through the material even though I did not…show more content…
I read these books very fast and this is where I got the bulk of my pages read from. I think that these books were good for me to read just so I was reading material while also focusing on school work. I think reading these books has helped with my reading stamina and it will be more like in college. Although I read a few books this quarter, I did not read a full book on the profession that I am going into. I think that I would have found a coaching book interesting but I could not get myself to read a book about teaching. I am sure that there are great books about teaching, but I could not get myself to try and find one. There is a book that I had read parts of that was about coaching and basketball but I did not read it all. I wish that I would have met this goal because I think it would have been beneficial for myself. Overall, this quarter I was pleased with the number of pages that I read but I think the content could have been a bit better. My reading throughout the year has improved and I want to continue to make it stronger. In my final quarter, I hope to read some continue reading the amount of material but make it a little more challenging. Reading is a skill that is very important and I will keep pushing myself to become a stronger

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