Personal Narrative: My Real World Negotiation

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“I got a good deal, but something went terribly wrong afterwards”.
This real-world negotiation started on 3/16/2017. I was searching for a short-term housing and was planning to move in on 4/1/2017. I got a good offer from a GWU student, Iris, and hoped for a better offer from someone else. At the same day, I received a request from another GWU student, Yue, that may provide me a better housing solution. Therefore, I prepared a pre-negotiation planning document for this negotiation. I noticed that I had a strong BATNA, which I should make good use of it. I tried to plan for a competing mode of negotiation with high assertiveness and low cooperativeness.
At the beginning of the negotiation, I tried hard speaking my counterpart’s language, Mandarin, as to impress her and told her that I was a student from Johns Hopkins to gain trust (Malhotra, 3-4). Reputation is important for a good start. Next, I quickly started asking all of the
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As I remember what I learned from lesson 2, everyone should understand the background of his or her counterpart before negotiation. This is a great mistake I have ever made in negotiation. I learned that negotiation is not only focused on the deal’s outcome, but also the surroundings nearby. Even though I received a good deal, sometimes I may lose other opportunities that I may not aware of. Short-term outcome may be important now, but building a relationship throughout a negotiation is far more important and far more valuable. I realized that the world is so small that we may actually meet our counterpart again in the future. With a bad impression on a previous negotiation, our counterpart is unlikely to make a deal with us again. This real-world negotiation enables me to reflect on what I did right and what I did wrong. I am glad to have such experience for me to apply what I learned throughout the readings and the negotiation
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