Personal Narrative: My Red Brake

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Red brake lights blur together as we speed off the highway, construction time. Horns blaring as we drive under the bridge. The drive out of the cities always is the worst this weekend, but to me it is worth the drive and the constant noises. As I look at the guys sitting behind me are start to hear this sound like a lawn mower, all three of the guys were asleep. All of a sudden the driver told us it was time for dinner. My phone lit up and it said it was only four o’clock. None of us were hungry, but as soon as I saw the Chinese Buffet I could see the steam rising from the Veggie Lo Mien causing me to drool. The smell wafting out of the restaurant as we pulled into the parking lot. Right when we walked in I went straight to the buffet I couldn’t wait any longer. Two heaping plates full Veggie Lo Mien and at the top a crab puff, yum! I felt so full, but somehow the people I was eating with convinced me to get ice cream. After we ate we got back on the road. Another hour until we arrive and another hour until everyone else arrives at fall retreat. Once we got off the highway everyone in the car starting talking about zombies and zombie cows I decided to sleep. When…show more content…
The game was called zombie apocalypse. All of the conselors were hiding in the woods waiting to tag us, when we were tagged we had to do whatever they told us to do. The point of the game was to get a ticket which was on the other side of the woods and bring it back to the team ticket holder, the team with the most tickets got to eat first for breakfast. I only tried once to get a ticket and I was able to walk right up and get a ticket, the rest of the game I just stood and scared fellow campers. It was a lot of fun. After the game I was so tired and ready for bed, as soon as we were dismissed I headed up to the cabin. Crawled into my warm bed after a nice shower and I fell asleep before the lights were even turned off. That was my first night at fall
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