How To Write A Red Corvette Essay

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The book I got from my grandpa

When I was like 7 my grandpa brought a book to me from his trip to detroit. It was a book about cars. It was like my favorite book for a long time because I liked cars a lot when I was growing up. The book was about a bunch of different chevrolet cars and who made them and designed them and stuff like that. Thats why I was so interested in the book.
It was called like chevrolet through the years I think. It had a red corvette on the front of it. That book has made me wanna go to detroit just because all the car manufactures are made there and I would like to see that. But I liked reading that book because it was interesting to me and it was easy to read. My favorite part was about the corvettes because corvettes are my …show more content…

It was about the history of baseball. But it was still hard for me to sit down and read it outside of school because I wasn’t interested in reading at that time. So it was hard for me to get the project done because I didn’t like reading outside of school so I had to read a lot when she gave us time in class. That is when I started to not like reading as much as I did when I was younger. But I still had to get the reading done so I had to just get the reading done so I got a good grade. That is what has made me the reader/writer I am today.

Junior year

Junior year in my english class my teacher made us read a book of our choice. She let us choose from here books and she let us go to the library to look for books so we could find one that we really liked. Even though we got one we liked it doesn’t make me all of a sudden like reading. No, I still had to force myself to sit down and read.

The book I found was called Rules. It was a good book about a girl that had a little brother that was not good at following rules. He always acted up. So when she baby sat him she wrote a bunch of rules in a book for him so he can try and remember and learn

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