Personal Narrative: My Rent

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I know that if there’s ever a time when I’m broke, my backup plan to be a street performer will pay my rent. I can remember my first time trying to ride a unicycle. Using the wall I mounted the one wheeled monster, I pushed off, and boom, I fell flat on my face. Luckily, I was on a carpeted mat, but the rug burns I received on one side of my face made it look like I used a cheese grater as a pillow. I’ve yet to experience worse rug burns. Mr. Sires, my gym teacher, witnessed my face plant live and said, “Don’t worry, happens to everyone. Let’s get you down to the nurse to get some ice.” My eyes filling with tears, I nodded and endured the walk of shame to the nurse’s office. When I was in fourth grade and two feet shorter than I am now, we

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