Personal Narrative: My Response To The 5 Day Suspension

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1. In my response to the 5-day suspension you forgot to add the following of my response. You stated to me that you were told I am assuming by both or Mr. Christopher Cox or Major Javier Trevino that I had changed my statement. I had told Mr. Cox one thing and Major Trevino another. A. I that I truly don’t understand how or why they would say that I change my story. I would like to stress I did not change my story. I the morning of Wednesday, December 23, 2015 I went to Major Trevino’s office and ask for the sign-in sheets to allow me to put in my scheduled time for December 13 through the 26 in ATAAPS. Later while I was on the computer trying to attend to my Workers Comp Major unsettling issues; Major Trevino came to me and asked for me
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