Personal Narrative: My Road To Resilience

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My Road to Resilience As of 2014 I been have fighting a very tough hardship with my father. On Christmas Eve of 2014, my father was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital for emergency surgery on his lower back. This did not happen suddenly; this was a pain that developed overtime. About every 3 months my father was given a type of shot to ease the nerve pain in his back; this went on for a little over a year prior to the surgery. The operation that was performed was a laminectomy. Before the surgery my father could barely walk, he used a cane to help him get around while walking at a 90-degree angle essentially. This was due to the fact that the nerves in his back were being severely pinched. Fast forward, the surgery was a very high risk due to the fact that my father was at the time obese and had high blood pressure. The surgery ended up being successful and the pain in my father’s…show more content…
I mentioned in the above paragraph that my father no longer experienced pain his back after the operation. However, a new setback came up; since he was in pain for months and not being able to walk upright this caused the nerves in his left leg to become damaged. I have been serving as a part time caregiver along with my mother and a professional caregiver. After my father was released from his final rehabilitation facility it has been an ongoing excruciating experience having him home. My shift for taking care of my father starts right after my mother goes to bed which is around 11:30pm. My shift ends at 7am when the professional caregiver arrives to our house. This has been a hard-hitting time not only for my family but for me especially being that I am a new transfer student from community college to a university and working a part time job at a fitness center. Most days, I do not remember how I even drove to school and my job. It is as if some mornings sleep was a physical person and pinning my body to my bed not allowing me to wake
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