Personal Narrative: My Road Trip To Colorado

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The summer of 2016 my family and I took a road trip to Colorado. Colorado reminded me a lot of Minnesota but on a big Mountain. There are river valleys that are 1,250 feet deep to mountains that are 14,114 feet high. I climbed a mountain in Glenwood Canyon. The hike was a mile in distance but 1,000 feet in elevation. My mom had heard of this hike from a friend and wanted to try it. The hike started like any other hike flat and a little rocky. Eventually it started getting steep, with big roots sprouting in every direction and big rocky boulders on both sides of the trail. The hike was exhausting, long and windy especially on a hot day. We were happy there was trees above us to block the sun. Every once and awhile we would hit a big rock on a flat ground to rest and drink…show more content…
I turned around and jumped from stone to stone making sure I didn’t miss one. “ Mom, Dad! There 's a huge snake over there probably 3 feet long!” I over exaggerated. The snake made it’s way through the bushes and into the water, keeping it’s head up the entire way. Quietly and carefully I stepped back to where I was before and finally arrived at Hanging Lake. We walk on the dock around the lake amazed at the crystal clear waters, beautiful fish at the bottom and colorful trees around the stunning lake. After hiking for so long we took a few minutes to sit and enjoy the view. When we finally decided to begin our hike down, we ran into a woman who told us “Don’t miss Spouting Rock! It’s worth the extra 500 feet.” We weren 't so sure at first, after all we had just gone on a very steep hike. “ Let’s go. Were already here might as well” My dad said. So we took off up the extra 500 feet of more rocky terrain not knowing what was waiting for us. Spouting rock didn’t disappoint us. It was a tall rock that that had water coming out from it. The water came from glaciers up in the mountains and fed into the lake below. The water was spouting out of the rock when my dad got the
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