Personal Narrative: My Road Trip To Houston

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“If we had unlimited gas money what would y'all want to do?” I asked my friends Sophie, Taylor, and Sierra. “What about going on a road trip? We could pack some bags and drive and see what we want to see!” Sophie said. A week later, we did just that. Making sure to bring a swimsuit and hiking shoes, I finished packing and piled my things into the trunk of my car. With a card for unlimited gas money, we were ready to hit the road! I picked up the girls and we began our trip. We can't wait to get out of the "Frisco bubble" that we seem to get stuck in. Our city has just about everything it needs for us to never leave- endless food options, multiple sports venues, plenty of shopping centers, sixty-five school zones, diverse places of worship, and so much more. It's easy to stay here…show more content…
This three hour drive is much livelier than the previous day's drive. We sing along with music, joke, and enjoy each other’s company, as always. Houston is as busy as ever, but that does not stop us from seeing the city. We take a tour of the NASA Space Center to see what it is like and learn interesting information about space travel. After that, we go on a shopping spree and have fun being silly and modeling for each other. We see all that the Galleria mall has to offer and more. We decide to buy matching rings to remind us all about this trip, the fun we have had, and the memories we have made. Tomorrow we will go home, but the memories will stay with us. Our adventures together have only begun. Senior year is upon us, and we won't do it alone. We will stick together, lean on each other when times get tough, and support each other in everything we do. We each have our separate interests, but our friendship remains strong. As we look excitedly into our futures, we will always remember that friendship, adventure, and fun is never far
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