Personal Narrative: My Road Trip To Mississippi

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Thursday: I woke up that morning, packed my bags, and my dad and I headed out. We left at 5 a.m. on our way to Mississippi. It was like any other road trip, long, tiring, and dreadful. The 13 hour car ride consisted of stopping to eat a couple times and a numerous amount of stops at rest areas to use the restroom and stretch. We pulled into the driveway of my aunts’ house and quietly snuck up to the door. Dad and I eased into the house and peaked around the hallway to surprise my Aunt Pam and Grandma Ruby, I couldn’t tell if they screamed from joy or being scared. We unpacked and got settled in where we were going to sleep. After that we sat down for supper, it consisted of fried chicken, mashed taters, green beans, cornbread, and grandma’s…show more content…
Then we began to gather our stuff and leave the hunting blind. We started walking to the first deer I shot and saw it was a direct hit to the heart and was an instant kill. But, the other one wasn’t that easy, we had to track its blood trail. Although, we did end up finding it shortly after, my uncle was right, a lung shot. So we went back to his house and got the four wheeler, so it would be easier to drag them out. When we got them loaded, back to my uncles house and unloaded, he got the first doe ready to be cleaned. It was my first time so I just watched my uncle as he worked. But when I got off tract, and didn’t know what was going on, boom, he wiped the doe’s blood all over my face. I was so shocked, but he said it was a family tradition, since it was my first deer I deserved to be “bloodwiped”. Although, I just wiped it off and went about my business. They finished dressing both the deer and packed them for the road trip back home. As the trip came to an end, it was full of family and friends. It was packed full of excitement and joy. The last day, me and dad sat down with my aunt and grandma one last time for a good home cooked meal. It was delicious, and I’ll never forget the laughs we had that night. But the next morning it was back off to Virginia. Catch ya on the flip side
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