Personal Narrative: My Role As A Band

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The lights are dim on the stage. The fog machine pelts the atmosphere with copious amounts of white smoke, filling the air of the church with reflective smoke to bring out the vibrant colors of the stage lights. The band and singers are ready to play and worship. They are ready to perform in front of hundreds of people and come together and use their talents to evoke emotions out of the people before them. I am part of the band, and my role is the bass player. My role is to cooperate with the drummer and create a solid rhythmic foundation for the rest of the band to build upon. I am a part of the driving force of a band. I am the link that connects the rhythmic element of the drums to the melody. I work with the drummer to build a strong foundation for the rest of the band. This is the fundamental role of the bassist, and it is a role that I am more than happy to fulfill. The bass is my connection…show more content…
As a bass player, I learned to play for the song, and not just play to make myself sound good. It taught me that when working with others, it is much more rewarding to support the team in order to strengthen the overall outcome rather than trying to make yourself look or sound better. It taught me how to work in a group and how to communicate better with others. These skills I learned have become invaluable in my life, and I have learned all of this thanks to my experience with playing the bass guitar.
This instrument has shaped me as a person. My entire adolescence has been characterized by my love and passion for music and for my instrument. Playing the bass has changed many aspects of my personality for the better, and has taught me many important lessons. It has opened up the creative side of me, it has changed my way of thinking. Music reaches into every area of my life, and has shaped me as a person. Music, and my link to it, my instrument, has been with me for many years, and is here to

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