Personal Narrative: My Roller Coaster

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My Roller Coaster My life is like a roller coaster and I will go through it with you. How I moved to a whole new place in a completely different country and how I believe that it has changed my life. I was born in Italy and then we had to move to France with a completely new life. I was born in Italy in a small place named Genoa. I believe that being born in Italy was the best place to be born because of the snow and how nice the weather is all the time. I believe that having my grandparents there and going to see the them once a year is great so I don’t forget the language and I get to eat amazing Italian food every day. I believe having my cousins in Italy is also fun because I get to see them and play with them to see what has been happening in their life’s. I believe that packing to move was very hard and I would have to get ready for a new life in a new place. I believe moving to France was a great choice by my parents and unpacking was very hard but got it done quick. I went to school for the first time there and it was fun with new friends and trying to learn the language…show more content…
I believe arriving at my house that we would stay there for a long time until we needed a bigger house or needed to move closer to my school. I believe learning the language was very easy because of the French and English school I was attending. When I was done with learning the language I was finally able to go to a full American school which I believe was very life changing because of my new friends and teacher. I believe that it was my first American public school and I was very excited to be there for two years until I couldn’t stay there because I was going to the fifth grade which they didn’t have. I believe the next school I went to also helped to shape me into the person I am today, it was my first ever catholic school and I had made tons of new friends that I still have to this
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