Personal Narrative: My Roller Coaster Ride

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The first time I rode a roller coaster was very frightening. I was about eight years old at the time when my father, sister and brother in law dragged me on to Apollos Chariot. This roller coaster was just full of drops. I was never a fan of heights I always told my family that I liked my feet on the ground. I remember walking up to the coater and seeing the drop behind the building that held the line. I was going to walk away with my mother until my older sister Amanda suggested that I just sit in the seat to see if I would be able to ride. I sensed that she was up to something, so I fought the idea until my dad picked me up and put me in the seat himself. The seat was comfortable, but I still didn’t like the look on my families faces. As soon as they pulled the restraint over my head. I started to panic a little bit. As…show more content…
We deicide that we would sit in the middle of the coaster. There were about nine rows on the coaster. I sat the second to the end next to my dad on the end then it was Amanda then brother in law Rob. As they start checking the harnesses my chest felt weak and my stomach was going crazy.
The coaster started climbing the for the first and biggest drop. I looked at the seat in front of me taking deep breaths. Then my dad said, “Look we are as high as the trees.” Then I started freaking out I didn’t want to be on the ride after that. Once we were on the top of the hill you could see the whole parking lot and then the drop came, and my stomach dropped. The other drops were just as horrifying. I tried holding my breath to help my stomach on the drops. Once I was off the ride my legs felt like jelly and my tears dried. From that day on I refused to get dragged onto a roller coaster. I still haven’t been on a ride since then. At least a roller coaster, I love any ride that I don’t have to go up hill. Though that was my first roller coaster
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