Personal Narrative: My Roller Skating Legacy

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Roller Skating Legacy To begin with, have you ever roller skated before? If you haven’t, I’d love to teach you. I learned how to roller skate a long time ago. My legacy began on a hot summer day, maybe 2013, my family went to Dick’s Sporting Goods. We were there for a while, but ended up in the roller skating aisle. It was amazing to look at. There were thousands of skates stacked up on shelves perfectly. “Woah! That's so cool!” I exclaimed in shock and awe. “Yeah but they're just skates. It's not that cool.” My sister said, crushing my little fantasy. My sister and I tried on a pair of skates. It looked like cotton candy. It was hard to stand up, but my dad helped me out. He was once a skater and he told me he was good. Furthermore,…show more content…
Our dad watched us and gave us tips to help us improve. Now, it's been a few years and I’ve gotten incredibly good. I can skate fast, can go a long time without falling, and can make sharp turns. I’m undefeated when it comes to racing others in a roller skating race. I’ve been using the same skates for years, the only difference is I grew out of mine and I use my sister’s skates. Even though I love my skates, I’m prepared for new skates. I’ve always used the four corner wheels skates but I need to challenge myself and trying out the skates where the wheels are aligned in a straight line. I wouldn’t have made it this far if it weren’t for my amazing dad and I hope I’m making him proud. Finally, from these experiences of skating, tripping, tumbling, falling and failing, I grew to love roller skating. Even though it’s difficult and frustrating at times, roller skating is a fun and cool hobby that I definitely recommend. When you think about it, roller skating can teach you to stay determined. It teaches you to stay focused if you want to achieve your goals. Well, maybe this little hobby can transform you into a more well-rounded
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