Personal Narrative: My Rosenboom Home

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Tomorrow is the day that my family and I go to North Carolina to meet my dad’s sister that he has never met. Everyone is really excited that the whole house is going crazy. In the Rosenboom house hold you can never get any peace and quiet other than when everyone goes to bed because my younger brother, Mason, and my two younger sisters, Maddie and Brooklynn, are little fireballs full of energy. Everyone already has their bag pack and they are all ready to go, but I can’t find anything to wear for the next week. So I had to have my older sister, Marika, help me find some clothes and she couldn’t find anything either, so she just gave me some of her clothes. My dad is getting the truck ready for the trip because we are leaving at 1 a.m. so that us kids can sleep for most of the ride because the ride is 15 hours long. We finally all got packed into the car and left. By 1:30a.m. Everyone was already asleep besides for my…show more content…
Everyone!” my dad said. As he jumped off the roof and he had all of us jump down and told us all to go get into the truck and that he would be back soon. He went in the house and not 10 minuets later he came out dragging the kidnapper out by his hair and he punched him in the face and then walked over to the truck and got in. “It didn’t even feel like you guys were looking for me! It took so long.” I said. “I was so scared I didn’t know where you went we all were very scared.” Marika said sadly. “We looked everywhere and when her were driving down this road something made me come here to look for you and I found you here I was so happy!” My mom said happily. “How did this even happen?” Dad asked. “I told Marika I had to got to the bathroom so I was going to go into Wal-Mart and then that guys asked me if I wanted candy and I followed him the her stabbed me with a needle and I fell asleep and then I ended up there!” I said. “Don’t ever leave us like that again! We all love you and missed you so much!” Mom and dad
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