Personal Narrative: My School Counselor

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At Marinette High School the school counselors work extremely hard to help students. My school counselor has even helped me overcome my own barriers and obstacles over the course of 4 years. These situations didn’t involve anything personal, such as emotions. However, there were still obstacles and barriers in other situations that my counselor helped me overcome. These include schedules for each year of school, finding and applying for scholarships, and finally getting into college. My school counselor has done a lot to help me through these obstacles and barriers.
First and foremost, my school counselor has helped me overcome my schedules over the course of the four years at Marinette High School. I am a very organized person and because
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When getting into college first I had to find the college I wanted to attend. My counselor helped with this by providing campus tours and information about all of the colleges in the state of Wisconsin. After I found the college I would be attending the application process started. During this my counselor helped me in many ways. I was helped throughout the application paperwork in areas I didn’t understand or wasn’t sure of. I was also helped with getting my transcripts sent to the college I was applying to. Thanks to my counselor the only thing I truly had to worry about was being accepted. My school counselor helped me overcome the barrier of getting accepted into college and everything that came with it, for instance with filling out financial aid paperwork. To conclude, my school counselor has helped me overcome multiple barriers and obstacles over the course of my time with her. Many of these barriers and obstacles have been big steps in my life and I am very thankful for her help. My counselor helped me figure out my course schedules throughout high school, helped me find and apply for many scholarships, and also helped me get into college. Thanks to my counselor I have a future ahead of
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