Personal Narrative: My School In Laredo

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I was born In Laredo TX, on July 19,2001. And when I was born I started to attend Malakoff elementary here In Laredo ,TX. When I was In Kinder thru First.
Then my parents did’t like the fact they would talk to me in Spanish so my parents took me out of that school.So my parents moved me to a private/public school called our lady of Guadalupe school. In public school I was in grades 2nd thru grades 3rd.
Then my parents took me out of the private school because they were giving me baby work.
Then I went back to my first school I attended Malakoff elementry. My pass and last two years of emementry school was the best.
Fourth grade comes and turned out to be a good year with the teachers I got and my friends I meet were awesome and good people.
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