Personal Narrative: My School's Best Buddies

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1. Please explain one or two of those experiences. Was it for class? For work? For a family occasion? What were the circumstances surrounding the event? In the past I have not given too many formal speeches during a class besides a few here and there. However, I do have experience speaking to groups of people due to a club I was involved in during high school. I was President of my school’s Best Buddies chapter which is an organization that brings children with and without disabilities together. As President, I had to talk to all the members and parents at the welcome and information meeting. During that meeting I discussed what Best Buddies was as an organization, how our chapter would function over the year, and other important information.…show more content…
I received a call from one of the Rotary members telling me I was their Student of the Month and would receive the award during one of their meetings after giving a five-minute speech about what I am involved with. I was immediately nervous about having to talk in front of thirty adults who I did not know at all, and at that moment a part of me wished I didn’t even win so I wouldn't have to give a speech. Prior to talking with the Rotary Club members I wrote out a speech, however, once I got up to speak, I ended up not needing it and spoke about what I was passionate about and it turned out better than…show more content…
With that, I talked with enthusiasm to keep everyone engaged. One way I could have done better was to make sure I did not talk too fast. I remember being very nervous at first and making eye-contact with my mom while talking. She mouthed to me slow down and by her saying that, it helped me relax. After that, I made sure to not rush through and take my time. Thankfully, that little reminder was enough and I hope to remember that while giving speeches in this class. 4. What is one of your goals for yourself in this course? What are some things you hope to gain - skills and/or knowledge? I know this might sound like a cliché answer but I hope to become a more confident and formal speaker over the course of this class. Overall, I would consider myself well spoken, I have no trouble talking to adults, but when it comes to getting up in front of my peers, the nerves set in. I believe this is because I don’t have a lot of experience giving formal speeches, and this class will definitely help with that. Another goal of mine is to learn how to become a better speechwriter. I am looking forward to learning how to write and research a quality speech. This class will hopefully set a great foundation for learning and becoming a better speaker. Like anything else, writing speeches isn’t something that just happens, it takes practice
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