Personal Narrative: My Second Child

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On October 5, 2012, marked the arrival of my second child. It was around 2 a.m. when I started having symptoms of contractions. Given that this was my second child, you would think I would know that I was in labor but with my first child I was induced and didn 't have the chance to naturally feel everything on my own. Once the pains and tightening got stronger I knew it was time, and me being that person that waits till the last minute, I needed to pack my hospital bag. The time was now 3 a.m. and the contractions were so severe that I couldn 't even walk. So here I am trying to pack clothes and necessities to take wih me to the hospital while crying and taking a painful step every 5 seconds. Then, all of a sudden, I feel a gush and I yell to my husband " I think my water…show more content…
Its now approximately 5 a.m. and while I was waiting for labor an delivery the E.R. nurses examined me. I was already at 8 cm 's so I 'm there thinking "Oh my God" I 'm not going to make it up there because all I wanted to do was push. Finally what seemed to be the longest 5 minutes of my life they transported me up to my room. The whole way up I just kept saying " I need to push,I need to push"! and the nurses replied, "no not yet we are almost there". Once we got to the room I could barely stand the pain I was ready for some sort of sedative but I was already ten centimeters dialated and it was time to push but the only problem was my OBGYN wasnt there yet. Then I started to panic and think well whats going to happen because I 'm ready to push and who is going to deliver my baby? I couldnt wait anymore so the nurses had me start pushing getting me ready for when the Dr. arrived, it would be quick. Never had I felt so much pain in my life. The adrenaline rushed through my body and my head felt like it was going to explode. I didn 't even want my husband near me I just wanted to get my baby out. This time there was no time for that so after about ten minutes of pushing, my Dr. walks in ready
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